Katy Perry ‘really into rocker’

9 May 2012
Katy Perry ‘really into rocker’
Katy Perry

Katy Perry has reportedly "marked out her territory" with her new beau.

The stunning songstress is thought to be dating Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd, after they were seen smooching at a recent music festival.

Katy split from her husband Russell Brand last year and is said to be smitten with the musician.

"I think Katy's marked out her territory with Rob. It's clear she's really into him, and wants to join him when the band returns to the UK next month. She must know that if Rob gets home and she's not there with him, other things might happen," a source told UK magazine more!

Katy is said to admire Robert's down-to-earth nature, and has learnt a great deal from past romances.

"I'm sure she learnt a lot from trying and failing to make a long-distance relationship work with Russell," the insider added. "So she's willing to spend as much time in the UK as she can. Rob's a proper British lad who loves going down the pub and watching football. He's not Hollywood at all.

"That's what Katy like's so much."

Meanwhile, Russell has revealed details of an encounter with Sir Tom Jones.

The British comic has joked that the meeting failed to impress the singing legend – who is a mentor on the UK version of The Voice.

“Seriously. Was just dragged into Tom Jones' hotel room. In a way a great honour. He didn't turn round (sic),” he wrote on his Twitter account today.

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