Kenny and Oscar in "Extreme Sprint"

12 Apr –TVB actors Kenny Wong and Oscar Leung have decided to participate in extreme marathon races for an upcoming documentary series "Extreme Sprint".

According to Jayne Stars website, both actors have departed from Hong Kong in order to film the five-episode series that follows two local racing teams as they compete in ultra-marathons at the North Pole and the Sahara Desert.

It was also revealed that Kenny Wong will be following the Sahara Desert for Marathon des Sables, a 251-kilometer ultra-marathon that takes place over six days.

Speaking to the media via satellite phone about the marathon's progress recently, he revealed, "Today is the fourth day [at the time of writing]. I have slept in the desert for three nights now. It is very dry, and I feel rather cold during mornings and nights."

The actor stated that there are participants from 53 countries and will begin their toughest stretch - a mountain run at a 25 degree angle.

Meanwhile, "Sniper Attack" actor, Oscar Leung, who was sent instead to the North Pole to participate in the UVU North Pole Marathon, revealed that he has suffered from low body temperature and frostbites in the -30 Celsius weather and had to stop shortly after completing his eighth lap.

During his satellite call, Oscar explained, "My body temperature is too low. My face and fingers are frostbitten. I really don't have the energy to continue even if I force myself to. I have already done my best."

However, Oscar rejoined the race after a brief rest at the end, and completed the course in just over 11 hours.

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