Kobuchi Kentaro joins first marathon

Kobuchi Kentaro joins first marathon

2 Aug - Japanese band Kobukuro guitarist Kobuchi Kentaro would be joining the 2nd Osaka Marathon as a charity runner, since his recovery from dystonia.

According to Tokyo Hive, this would be Kobuchi's first full marathon and he took up the challenge while recovering from the neurological movement disorder.

"As I thought about how to use my legs and breathing techniques, as well as how to pace myself, I started to enjoy running. At last, I've decided to challenge myself to an official marathon," he commented on the marathon's official website.

I'm placing a sense of fulfillment I've never experienced on the other side of the goal line, and I'll aim to complete the race!" he added.

Kobuchi went on a hiatus from band activities in August last year after he was diagnosed. The band later announced that they would resume activities in April this year, and are currently planning to release a best-of album in September.

The 2nd Osaka Marathon would be held on 5 November.

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