Krystal-Kim Ji Won’s Beauty Battle in ‘The Heirs’

7 November 2013
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[by Kim Jae Young / translated by Cho Suyoun] SBS‘ new series ‘The Heirs‘ is capturing attention from the audience with interesting story line and gorgeous looking actresses.

As the story is about young rich people, the main casts are all young actors, actresses and idol stars. Among all, Krystal and Kim Ji Won are taking in their roles perfectly and are showing off their flawless beauty.

Below is a summary of Krystal and Kim Ji Won’s fashion makeup styles. Let’s see which parts are their charming points.

◆ Krystal’s Glowing Skin

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f(x)‘s member Krystal became an actress again by taking a role in drama ‘The Heirs. ‘ This time, she took a role of one of the heiresses Lee Bo Na.

In the drama, Krystal shows porcelain-like flawless skin. To have facial skin like Krystal, it is recommended to use skin care products that contain vitamin. Especially during in-between season, skin gets rough and darker so using mist or cream that has lots of moisture will be a great choice.

#ITEMS to GET Krystal’s SKIN

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DAYCELL Dr.VITA Vitamin Mist

In fall and winter, skin gets dehydrated very quickly. Vitamin B and C in this product provide moisture and whitening effect instantly and they will brighten up the skin right away.

Dr.Jart V7 Relief Vita Drop

As soon as this product is applied, vitamin is popped on skin and provides brightening effect in short time.

DAYCELL Dr.VITA Vitamin E Cream

Women who care about beauty also care about wrinkles around eye area. This vitamin cream provides nutrition and tightness around eye area and care darkening as well.

◆ Kim Ji Won‘s Well-Moisturized Skin

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Kim Ji Won has become one of the hottest stars this year. As this young actress returned to TV screen by playing a role of cold-hearted heiress, she is receiving attention again from audiences.

And just like Krystal, Kim is showing off her teenage-like flawless skin. To have skin like Kim Ji Won, it is important to focus on skincare steps. Enough nutrition must be provided before putting makeup on to look healthy and to calm the skin.

# BEST ITEMS to GET Kim Ji Won’s Skin

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DAYCELL Vitamin C Ringer Skin

It contains vitamin C that will balance the darkness on skin. The product also creates a moisturizing shield on facial surface so the skin won’t feel dried after cleansing.

L’OCCITANE Immortelle Divine Eye Serum

This product eliminates dark circles and help eye condition to stay at best. Vitamin E ingredients help facial skin to look healthier.

DAYCELL Dr.VITA Vitamin Cream C Tube Type

Vitamin C is contained as capsules and they help skin to look brighter and glowing. (photo by DAYCELL COSMETICS, SBS ’The Heirs’)

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