Lee Hyori and Lee Sang soon got hitched on September 1

2 September 2013

[by Chloe Yun] Sexy diva Lee Hyori and her singer boyfriend Lee Sang soon finally got tied up yesterday in beautiful Jeju Island. 

On September 1 the couple held a quiet private wedding ceremony at the garden of their villa in Jeju Island, only inviting their family and close friends.  

According to Lee Hyori’s agency, B2M Entertainment, she didn\'t get her wedding dress sponsored by luxury brands like most celebrities do and walked down the aisle at her wedding in a simple sleeveless dress that she bought in the United States and a circlet of wild flower around her head. 

Since musician Jung Jae hyung introduced Lee Hyori to Lee Sang soon in 2011, they have developed their love relationship as working together on a song for abandoned animal rescue campaign.  

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori’s boyfriend Lee Sang soon is a guitarist and singer who made a debut as band Rollercoaster in 1999.  (photo captured from On Style ‘Lee Hyori’s X sister’) 

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