Leehom is the third party

Leehom is the third party

5 Feb – Recently, American-born Taiwanese singer Christine Fan, better known as FanFan, held her first solo Taipei Dome-concert, with a surprise guest appearance by Leehom Wang, who went on to get friendly with her husband.

According to Jayne Stars, Leehom and FanFan sang a remix of their respective hit singles – "Forever Love" and "Black And White". The latter song was written by FanFan for her husband Charles Chen, better known as Blackie.

Upon finishing the latter song, Blackie ran up on stage, crying, "You aren't even black! What right do you have to sing "Black And White"?"

To this, Leehom merely walked towards Blackie, stopping inches from his face and caressed him, saying, "Because I'm white!"

Blackie then replied, "So this is what you like to joke about recently!" which was in reference to Leehom's alleged homosexual relationship with Chinese pianist, Li Yundi.

Blackie also revealed that he disapproved of FanFan and Leehom's intimate interactions on stage during their duets, remarking, "By the way, my grandma is downstage. You should know that this atmosphere [you had with Leehom] is serious enough to get you punished by drowning in a pig's cage in Hakka tradition?"

Jokes aside, FanFan's concert was held after a hiatus of 13 years, with 34 songs. Many of FanFan's close friends within the entertainment circle were guest performers at the long-awaited concert, such as Dee Hsu, Pace Wu, Aya Liu and Mavis Fan.

The songstress expressed that she will donate 12 percent of her concert earnings to charity.

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