Li Bingbing, Katy Perry share dress

Li Bingbing, Katy Perry share dress

16 Feb – "Resident Evil: Retribution" actress, Li Bingbing's name was everywhere recently in American fashion blogs.

According to IB Times, Li Bingbing shot to fame in America on Monday when a 2012 photo emerged of her wearing the same sea foam green Gucci dress that Katy Perry wore to the 2013 Grammy Awards.

On 10 February, Perry attracted massive attention during the 55th annual Grammy Awards Sunday night when she appeared on the red carpet wearing a sleek, light green gown with a deep neckline that allowed her to show a lot of breast.

However, netizens were more interested in the fact that the same wardrobe was already worn by the allegedly "trend-setting, little-known" Chinese actress to the 2012 Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan last November.

The two stars were then pitted against each other at Reddit page, where netizens gave their comments and voted on their favourite looks.

And despite a lot of male voters went to Perry thanks to her more ample cleavage, many people thought that Li, who is known for her love for the label, made the stunning Gucci dress look classier and more sophisticated.

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