Louise Gray excited by ‘real’ street style

23 August 2012
Louise Gray excited by ‘real’ street style
Louise Gray

Louise Gray is most excited to see “real girls” wear her designs.

The fashion creative launched her clothing and make-up range for British high street chain Topshop this week and said she cannot wait to see how people are going to mix up her creations.

The Scottish designer added that was trying to put together an affordable make-up range for girls to experiment with.

“I can't wait for it to go into the shops and for the real girls to get it. That's the exciting bit for me, to see how they style the pieces. And that's why the make-up is brilliant because you can buy it for six quid [£6.00] and you get an instant hit of something to play with,” she told UK publication Grazia.

Louise also revealed her style icons and fashion influences.

The quirky designer admitted that she only creates pieces that reflect her personal style and named the women who inspire her.

“I have loads [of style icons]. I really like indie girls, like Madonna, Gwen Stefani... I change all the time though. Every six months, I fall in love with someone else!” she said, before adding that her style runs through all of her collections.

“It's all stuff I want to wear. I never do stuff that I don't. I wouldn't want to do it otherwise.”

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