Makiyo denies reconciliation with ex-boyfriend

Makiyo denies reconciliation with ex-boyfriend

10 Jan – It was rumoured that controversial Taiwanese singer, Makiyo has reconciled with ex-boyfriend, Takateru Tomoyori.

Asianpopnews website reported that the couple was recently spotted spending the New Year's Eve together at Macau. However, Makiyo admitted that they did celebrate it together, but debunked rumours of reconciliation.

Makiyo stated, "Pace Wu and I have planned a holiday in Macau. But coincidentally, Tomoyori was there, helping a friend to source for an apartment."

Seeing as they were already there, the former couple decided to celebrate New Year's Eve together with their friends.

Regarding rumours that they stayed at the same hotel, Makiyo said, "Tomoyori and his friend each had a room and I had my own room too. We really did not get back together. I am not planning to be in a relationship at the moment."

Asked if they drank alcohol while partying in Macau, Makiyo was quick to deny, saying, "I only drank energy boosting drinks and Tomoyori have already quit drinking."

In early 2012, Makiyo and her then boyfriend, Tomoyori were embroiled in a drunken attack on a 55-year-old taxi driver. Tomoyori was deported back to Japan and Makiyo was sentenced to a three-year probation due to the incident. The entertainer has been MA afterwards, and suffered from a bout of depression due to public scrutiny.

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