Michael Tse humoured by rape rumour

Michael Tse humoured by rape rumour

13 May – Oscar Leung may not be amused by the recent allegations made against him about committing rape, but his "Justice Attack" co-star Michael Tse is definitely not worried about the impact that the rumour may have on their upcoming drama, and even managed to crack a joke about it.

According to Jayne Stars, Tse was asked to give his own thoughts about the rumour that Leung was involved in a rape case on 4 May during a prayer ceremony for "Justice Attack" recently.

"This case has a plaintiff and a defendant. You can spin it many ways. Maybe later, they can even say that [the culprit] was me!" offered Tse jokingly.

Meanwhile, Leung continued to insist that he was innocent regarding the rape case that allegedly happened at a bar on 4 May, and has the full support of his girlfriend, Tina.

A public relations officer from the Hong Kong police department has also stated that Leung has yet to be implicated in the rape case.

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