Michael Tse's wife engaged in Weibo war

Michael Tse's wife engaged in Weibo war

17 Jan – Michael Tse's wife, Tina Tse was involved in a bitter Weibo spat with the actors' fans, due to an insensitive comment made by one of the users.

As reported on Popular Asians website, in December, amidst rumours circulating that the 37-year-old Tina desires to have her own children, she uploaded a picture of Michael unwrapping his Christmas presents beside a Christmas tree on her Weibo.

To this, a fan commented, "What a warm family! If only there is a baby too... add oil, sister-in-law!"

However, Tina, who was very sensitive about the baby rumours, replied to the fan comment later, saying, "That is none of your business. Are we close? Sister-in-law?"

Other Netizens quickly came to defend the fan's comment but was slammed by Tina, who called them "mentally retarded". To this, enraged Netizens tactlessly asked Tina, "Is a hen still a hen when she can't make eggs?"

The post was deleted hours later.

Tina Tse has been facing a lot of ups and downs ever since marrying Michael Tse seven years ago. The 45-year-old self-professed "party animal" has been consistently caught enjoying himself in the clubs and photographed with female companions, while his wife continues to stick with him.

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