Michelle Williams feels at home on film sets

14 February 2013
Michelle Williams feels at home on film sets
Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is "still looking" for where she feels most at home.

The Hollywood actress covers the 'no place like home' themed issue of AnOther magazine, posing as eight different characters to tie in with her newest film role as Glinda the Good Witch in Oz the Great and Powerful.

In an accompanying video interview, Michelle revealed that she's become more accustomed to shooting on a film set.

"I think I do feel at home on a set now. Certain sets. Most sets," she admitted.

"There’s a few places, a few settings that I feel at home in. I feel at home in my home. I feel at home in nature. I don’t know… in some ways I feel like maybe that feeling is something I’m still looking for."

Michelle starred alongside Ryan Gosling in the critically-acclaimed independent movie Blue Valentine.

The 32-year-old star revealed the item she held onto from the film set.

"From Blue Valentine I kept my wedding ring. I actually kept it on for a while. After the shooting had stopped, I was still wearing it – I couldn’t quite take it off – and now I keep it above the kitchen sink where I do dishes, as a little memento," she smiled.

The on-screen pair famously co-habited for three months ahead of shooting the movie to convincingly portray a flawed married couple. Michelle has joked she had no problems sharing a home with the Hollywood hunk.

"He was a pretty good husband, I have to say! He was always doing the dishes, and I said, Ryan, I don't think that's realistic. I don't know anyone whose husband does the dishes. And he was like, I know, but Michelle, you go home and do the dishes, I'm not going to make you do the dishes here too!" she laughed.

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