Michelle Yeoh to wed Jean Todt

Michelle Yeoh to wed Jean Todt

22 Jan – Actress Michelle Yeoh sparked wedding speculations when she openly discussed her wedding plans with the media.

Groove Asia reported that at the premiere for her latest documentary film, "Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey", the actress expressed, "I'm currently thinking on how to arrange a special ceremony for my second marriage."

The Malaysian-born actress, who has been dating FIA Chariman Jean Todt for eight years, also stressed, "My wedding must be held in my hometown [Ipoh] in Malaysia, since my father is already 87-years-old and has difficulty travelling to other countries."

The actress once revealed that Jean has been proposing countless times and has been shot down each time, and enthused that she has enjoyed every single proposal made by the FIA Chairman.

However, when asked, the actress' mother, Datin Janet Yeoh, commented that she knows nothing about the wedding, as Michelle is not in Malaysia at the moment.

Michelle Yeoh was married to businessman Dickson Poon in 1988, but separated four years later. In 2008, she confirmed her engagement to Jean Todt during an interview on CBS' "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson".

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