Mingdao makes a comeback

Mingdao makes a comeback

20 Feb – Former 183 Club member, Mingdao recently announced his comeback into the entertainment industry.

However, as reported on Groove Asia website, the singer-turned-actor, who rose to fame through his popular drama, "The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog" revealed that he will not be returning as an actor, but as a television host.

The actor was reported to have been involved behind the scenes as a producer and will be signing a contract to host Anhui TV's variety show, "Unstoppable".

It was also reported that Anhui TV offered Mingdao RMB12 million to play both the host and the man behind the scene.

When asked why he chose hosting instead of acting, Mingdao said, "I wanted to rest. Furthermore, I don't feel like coming back to acting just yet."

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