Miriam Yeung undergoes surgery

Miriam Yeung undergoes surgery

10 Apr – It was reported that Hong Kong singer-actress Miriam Yeung was recently admitted to a hospital for an emergency surgery.

According to Asianpopnews, the star, who has been juggling between caring for her baby and constant travelling for work, reportedly found that her health has deteriorated and her asthma relapsed because of her hectic schedule.

Sources disclosed that her husband, Real Ting had been going to and fro between hospital and home for the past few days, taking Miriam's parents to visit her and taking care of their son, Torres.

However, on 8 April 2013, Miriam assured her fans via Weibo that her surgery went through smoothly and that she is fine.

Without elaborating more on her surgery, she wrote, "I have received many friends' well wishes. Please do not be worried as I am already recuperating at home. The surgery is a success. Thank you all for your support and encouragement."

After giving birth via Caesarean section last year, Miriam resumed her work after only three months of recuperation. Due to her work commitment, she had to travel intensively between Hong Kong and China for three months.

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