Morgan Freeman rejects ‘despicable’ roles

6 July 2012
Morgan Freeman rejects ‘despicable’ roles
Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has turned down movies because the characters were “despicable”.

The 75-year old actor doesn’t appear to be slowing down, with the release of two films in the next month - including the hugely anticipated The Dark Knight Rises.

But the Oscar-winning star revealed there are emotional places he won’t go as an actor, including characters that are too evil.

“I’ve gotten some scripts that I’ve thrown away just because the character I was being offered was despicable,” he told the New York Daily News. “I don’t mind being a bad guy, you know, but to be despicable is dreadful.”

Morgan has featured in some of the biggest films in the last 20 years and has won numerous accolades for his performances.

When asked about playing noble characters, such as God in Bruce Almighty or Nelson Mandela in Invictus, the actor explained there is also an emotional burden attached to those roles.

“God is safer than Mandela!” he laughed. “And you have moral weight, there, too — a real responsibility.”

The Shawshank Redemption actor began his career on a children’s TV show.

Morgan has revealed he decided to become an actor at an early age.

“Oh, it had to be somewhere down in elementary school,” the star acknowledged. “I know that by the time I was 12, it was pretty much settled on me.

“It was an imperative; you know, someone has to discourage you mightily, which thankfully didn’t happen for me.”

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