Nam Gyu Ri reveals a photo taken with NAUL

Kang Hye-In
18 February 2013
Nam Gyu Ri reveals a photo taken with NAUL

NAUL revealed a photo with Nam Gyu Ri.

On February 17th, Nam Gyu Ri uploaded a photo on her Twitter, and wrote "I've always been a huge fan of NAUL. I delivered him a cake. Thank you for amazing songs, and I will wish for even better music."

In the photo, NAUL is posing with a cake box in his fans, and Nam Gyu Ri is making a bright smile right beside him.

Especially, their somewhat awkward smile is making many viewers to laugh.

On the other hand, netizens who viewed the photo made comments, such as "NAUL's usual look", "Nam Gyu Ri was NAUL's fan!", and "They look great together."

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