Nick Cheung talks "Unbeatable"

10 July 2013
Nick Cheung talks "Unbeatable"

Veteran Hong Kong actor Nick Cheung has recently gained the critics' attention and award for his performance as an MMA fighter in the boxing film "Unbeatable". This is not the first time the actor has worked with talented director Dante Lam, the latter whom directed the film, their previous collaboration being the action thriller "The Stool Pigeon". Staring alongside Nick is up-and-coming Malaysian actress Crystal Lee, who plays the role of Nick's daughter. The 10-year-old star is not only talented in acting, she also sings! We caught up with Nick and Crystal recently to ask them about their experience on filming "Unbeatable".

Cinema Online's interview with Nick Cheung and Crystal Lee was conducted on 30 June at, KL Hilton.

What did you do after winning the award for Best Actor at Shanghai International Film Awards?
I just spent my time admiring the trophy! [Laughs]

What injuries did you incur while filming for the movie?
I fractured my pinky finger which was in a form of a Z-shaped fracture, however I still continued filming. But until now, my finger is still not fully recovered. I had already tried all sorts of treatments; Western, Chinese and even acupuncture.

How was the collaboration like between the both of you?
I did not get the chance to meet up with Crystal beforehand, but we ended up having good onscreen chemistry. I would also like to thank Crystal for the wonderful experience during the filming.

Did you expect to win an award during the Shanghai International Film Festival?
Actually, me and Crystal never expected to win any awards as the film has not even been released yet.

What were the challenges you faced while filming for the movie?
There was not much of a challenge for Crystal as she is very professional and not at all camera shy. As for me, it was both physically and mentally challenging.

Do you normally enjoy fighting?
[Laughs] I really like action films, but there is not a lot of opportunity for me to act in these kinds of movies. I also learnt MMA, boxing, Muay Thai and Wushu to prepare myself for this role. I really admire those martial artists, and took the time to study the reactions on their faces.

How long did it take for you to train?
I had non-stop training for about a year to achieve the perfect body shape. Compared to my training for "Nightfall", it is more intense this time. Every morning when I wake up, it feels like my muscles are about to explode! [Laughs]

What are your plans for the future?
I will be filming a horror film in Malaysia involving ghosts and the supernatural. This will be my first time directing a film and I will do my best. Also, I will be staring as the hero!

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