Nicky Wu is Taiwan's highest paid actor

Nicky Wu is Taiwan's highest paid actor

11 Nov – Nicky Wu has been named Taiwan's highest paid actor this year, which makes him the country's highest paid actor for two years in a row.

According to Groove Asia, the actor reportedly accumulated NTD270 million (app. USD9.27 million) in earnings this year.

Wu's popularity increased since last year with the release of his mainland drama, "Scarlet Heart", making him the actor-in-demand for the year 2011 and 2012. The actor has since produced Chinese series, "The Bride With White Hair" and "Xiang Zhe Pao Huo Qian Jin", received a lot of endorsement offers and various promotional events.

The second top earner goes to Alec Su, who was beaten by Nicky Wu on a slim margin. The actor has had a good year, investing NTD60 million into his self-directed and self-starring movie "Destiny By Love". The actor also filmed four other movies, bringing in an estimated total of NTD200 million (app. USD6.87 million).

Meanwhile, the third top earner is Ruby Lin, who received NTD194 million (app. USD6.66 million) through her drama and film, "Drama Go Go Go" and "Forgotten" which she was involved as both producer and actress.

However, last year's runner-up for top earner, Jimmy Lin, suffered a drastic reduction in earnings after cutting down on his projects in order to spend time with his family.

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