Nicola Formichetti planning solar style

4 May 2012
Nicola Formichetti planning solar style
Nicola Formichetti

Nicola Formichetti hopes to incorporate solar power into his debut solo line.

The designer is the creative director of Mugler and is now working on his own line too.

He has many ideas, among them he hopes to create pieces which can adapt to body shape or charge phones. The star is teaming up with a technology company, although he is keeping details of that project to himself at the moment.

“Why do you have to have a zipper when you can have a jacket that’s moulded to your body?” he said to WWD.

Nicola wants to do something completely new with the collection and hopes to bush the boundaries of the industry forward.

“It’ll be very digitally oriented and high-tech,” he said. “We’ve been working with the same fabrics, the same techniques for hundreds of years. That’s all great, but we need something new.”

The fashion house will be called Formichetti and will probably be made available half way through 2013.

It will include clothing and accessories, with people working on it in New York at the moment.

Nicola is so keen for it to be trailblazing he is considering an online launch, rather than debuting pieces at one of the Fashion Weeks.

The designer also works for Uniqlo and with Lady Gaga. He has always wanted his own line and feels the time is finally right.

“This year I wanted to focus on my own dream. Being a stylist, you always hide behind a brand, but because of Gaga and Mugler, I needed to come out onto the scene. I had to embrace it,” he explained.

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