Niki Chow denies conflict with Linda Chung

Niki Chow denies conflict with Linda Chung

14 Nov – Actress Niki Chow has recently dispelled rumours of having a conflict with Linda Chung over the TV Queen title, CJN website reported.

Previously, a source claimed that TVB is currently in negotiations to make Niki, who is not the company's resident artiste, their full-time actress.

It was alleged that the "Sergeant Tabloid" star was willing to sign a five-year contract in exchange for the TV Queen title, while another rumour claimed that she also agreed to lower her salary just to win the award.

The sources claimed, "Although it was reported that Linda will be winning the title this year, TVB agreed to give it to Niki instead, seeing that Linda still has an eight-year contract with TVB and in no hurry to throw her the bait."

When asked about the rumour at an event recently, Linda, who was full of praises for Niki earlier, said, "That's not how I do things. I don't know how to persuade others for an award."

Meanwhile, while speaking to the media at a Christmas lighting ceremony recently, Niki expressed, "Nothing has been confirmed yet and there are already gossips! I guess it must be related to the upcoming TVB Anniversary. If a managed artiste can win that easily, Raymond [Lam] would have won it long ago."

In regards to the alleged conflict with Linda Chung, Niki said, "Linda and I are fine. She's a very nice girl. We met earlier at the TVB Lighting Ceremony and had a chat. I do hope to collaborate with her."

She also stressed that awards are not that important to her.

"I look forward to collaborating with different actors instead of winning awards."

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