Oscar Leung files charges against Kenny Wee

Oscar Leung files charges against Kenny Wee

10 Jan – Earlier it was reported that actor Oscar Leung is planning to make a counter-claim against Kenny Wee, after the restaurateur filed a defamation suit against him.

According to Jayne Stars website, on 8 January, the actor, accompanied by his legal representative, went to the High Court and made a recriminatory charge against Kenny.

In his counter-claim, Oscar stated:

1) Oscar's actions did not cause Kenny to incur any loss, and that being the case, Kenny's complaint against him was thus groundless and should be refuted.
2) Kenny had abused the judicial system, knowing very well that the legal entanglement would hurt Oscar's career.
3) Oscar's freedom of speech and his right to speak about public matters was unnecessarily stifled.
4) Kenny's lawsuit caused Oscar to lose a film contract valued at a 7-figure sum.

However, the exact compensation that the actor is demanding from Kenny Wee was not stated.

The actor, who was recently sued by Kenny Wee for his "persecutory delusion" comment regarding Kenny Wee's conflict with Eric Tsang decided to counter attack the restaurateur after director Wong Jing revealed that he has retracted his offer to sign Oscar for ten movies.

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