Paparazzi crashes Joey-Wilfred's evening

Paparazzi crashes Joey-Wilfred's evening

2 Jan – It was revealed that Joey Yung's intimate Christmas date with boyfriend Wilfred Lau was ruined by paparazzi capturing their every move.

According to Popular Asians, the couple was captured on camera after the paparazzi spotted Joey Yung, who was wearing cap at the time, with her friend Wyman Wong shopping at Causeway Bay. They were then followed to a hotel and were seen hopping into the car owned by a mutual friend.

The photographers did not fail to notice that Wilfred Lau was also in the car with them.

Joey and Wilfred, who were wearing masks, eventually arrived at another mall's parking lot, walked closely together but split up immediately as soon as they entered the mall.

Shortly after, they went to the cinema to watch "Les Misérables". The couple tried to avoid attention by sneaking out early but was caught by the cameras. A flustered Joey Yung dodged questions from reporters while Wilfred, who was right behind her, politely said "Merry Christmas" to them and quickly walked off with Wyman and Stephen.

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