Paul Wong arrested for posting votes

Paul Wong arrested for posting votes

4 Feb – Beyond's lead guitarist, Paul Wong, was recently reported to have been arrested by the police for posting his votes online.

Groove Asia reported that the 48 year-old musician was recently arrested and is currently out on bail after posting a photo of himself at the voting booth during the Hong Kong Legislative Council Election on his micro blog on 9 September last year.

However, Paul quickly deleted the photo the same night, and commented, "My friend told me it's illegal to post such photos. I hope I will not go to jail because of this silly mistake."

According to Hong Kong legislative laws, it is strictly prohibited to take any photos and recordings inside the voting booth. Failing to comply will result in fine and six months imprisonment.

Regarding the case, Paul's manager expressed, "We can't disclose any further detail as it is under judicial proceedings right now."

Meanwhile, his case has been handed over to the Regional Crime Unit.

It was also reported that the musician has received instructions to report to the police again at the end of next month.

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