Peter Ho's new drama criticised

Peter Ho's new drama criticised

16 Jan – Highly anticipated mainland historical drama, "Legend of Chu and Han" have been severely criticised by viewers after only one week of broadcast.

As reported on Popular Asians website, audiences are complaining that its director, Gao Xixi has been 'lying' about investing RMB240 million for the production to get the most realistic fighting scenes and effects.

According to netizens, the so-called 'best effects' consists of poor graphic quality that looked like it was edited using Photoshop.

Viewers are also complaining about several mistakes the production made, such as the fact that spinach was only found during the Qin Dynasty and not around the Tang Dynasty era.

Apart from that, it was mentioned that the lip-synching was not well-done and the words were wrongly written. The drama was criticised as dragging and filled with unnecessary scenes, while the important rivalry plot between historical figures Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, played by Peter Ho and Chen Daoming, barely existed.

The highly anticipated drama has been airing since 27 December.

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