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[Photo] Hyoyeon 'Skirts are too short!'

Jang Yoon-Hee
1 May 2012
[Photo] Hyoyeon 'Skirts are too short!'
[Photo] Hyoyeon 'Skirts are too short!'

On 30th, the press conference of MBC 'Dancing With The Star 2' was held at Grand Ambassador Hotel, located in Jangchoong-dong, Seoul, and Tony An, Hyoyeon, Choi Yeojin, Yi Hoon, Sunwoo Jaedeok, Song Jong-gook, Kim Woncheol, Dennis Kang, Choi Eunkyung, Kim Gayoung, and Shin Sooji attended.

'Dancing With The Star' is a reality show that shows celebrities' challenge for dance, and season 1 was aired last year, arousing great reactions from the viewers.

On the other hand, the first competition of 'Dancing With The Star 2' will be aired on May 4th.

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