Starz Boss Addresses Wrapping Up Spartacus Franchise (Updated)

2 August 2012
Liam McIntyre and Steven S. DeKnight attend the Starz celebration of Kirk Douglas and the impact of 'Spartacus' at Leonard H. Goldenson Theatreon, Hollywood, May 31, 2012 -- Getty Premium

It's not quite a wrap just yet on the set of the final season of "Spartacus."

Starz boss Chris Albrecht announced on Thursday at the Television Critics Association summer tour on Thursday that production on "Spartacus: War of the Damned" had been completed, but creator and Executive Producer Steven S. DeKnight Tweeted they're currently shooting Episode 6 of 10.

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Speaking about the end of Starz's popular franchise, which returns in January 2013, Albrecht echoed statements DeKnight told at Comic-Con - they didn't want to stretch it out for the sake of stretching it out.

"The show has been remarkably successful and I think -- ultimately -- what all of the producers felt, along with us, is rather than try and string out a story and have one more battle or one more argument between the rebels, or one more villain show up, we would kind of follow the trajectory of the history and bring the Spartacus story to fruition," Albrecht said at TCAs. "[It's] better probably to leave people wanting more than to risk repeating ourselves and diminish the overall impact of the franchise, but it was a very difficult and decision and one we certainly didn't want to be in the position of making."

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On another DeKnight related note, Albrecht revealed that the "Spartacus" creator has already started initial work on his sci-fi series, "Incursion."

"He just returned... this weekend... from Hawaii where he shot a 'proof of concept' piece, is what we're calling it. It's not a pilot, it's just a scene or two for a show that he's developed that we are very high on called 'Incursion,'" the Starz boss explained. "[It's] a sci-fi piece, kind of 'Band of Brothers' meets 'Halo.'

"It's very ambitious... but Steven is a sensational writer," Albrecht added.

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Reacting to Albrecht's comments from TCA about "Incursion," DeKnight, who was not at the event, Tweeted, "In editing as I type this. Watching some ridiculously cool sh**" about his new show."

-- Jolie Lash

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