Rihanna teams with MAC

20 February 2013
Rihanna teams with MAC

Rihanna's latest "no-brainer" collaboration is with MAC.

The pop star is the latest celebrity to team up with the cosmetics giant.

Rihanna will produce a number of different collections with MAC, which will debut this year.

She believes the collaboration is the ideal way for her to channel her creativity.

"[My collaboration with MAC was a] no-brainer," Rihanna told WWD. “When you think of make-up, the brand that pops into your mind - for something legit - is MAC. Whatever colour you want, it’s like, ‘Let’s go to MAC.’ I’ve been using MAC on tour for such a long time it was a natural fit for me. I have always loved make-up, and I always said that if I do it, I want to do it with a credible brand.”

The Barbadian beauty's first product will be called RiRi Woo, a lipstick inspired by the classic MAC shade Ruby Woo. It will be showcased at the star's Diamonds Tour concerts in May, where a special MAC pop-up shop will sell the item at the New York concert venue.

“Working with MAC, it’s difficult to get a red lipstick that beats Ruby Woo, because it works on every skin tone. I had so many different samples to choose from and so many different colours underneath - blue, yellow, orange and pink bases," she gushed. "And I got to pick one that worked, and I tried it on all my friends to make sure it worked on all of our skin tones.”

Rihanna recently hit the headlines for stamping her style on a clothing collection for British store River Island. The MAC products are something she is equally proud of creating, with the results so good she even surprised herself.

“The package that we designed and the product that we created, to see it sitting there in your hand was kind of scary," Rihanna finished. "It was like, ‘This cannot be real.'"

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