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The Rock considers political career

25 April 2012
The Rock considers political career
The Rock

The Rock is open to pursuing a career in politics.

The actor, real name Dwayne Johnson, has been compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger in movies and is considering following in the footsteps of the former Governor of California.

"I wouldn't rule it out," he told Fox News at the 2012 CinemaCon Convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

"I think in order for politicians to be successful, you have to be passionate about politics. I care about our country, but right now I can make impact in other ways. But maybe one day.”

The Rock is trying to make a difference through his action movies.

He hopes to inspire others as he has built his career without experience or money. The star has honoured with the Action Man of the Year award at this year’s CinemaCon.

"I had no idea that any of this was going to happen because I had no acting experience at all," he said. "My goal is just to become a really great actor and create opportunities and hopefully have longevity in the business.”

As for a possible future political career The Rock is not giving away too much for now. He will reveal his campaign slogan when the time comes.

"I can't tell you that now, I'd have to wait," he said.

His latest movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation is set to be released in cinemas from June.

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