Selina Jen spends CNY with in-laws

Selina Jen spends CNY with in-laws

15 Feb – S.H.E. member, Selina Jen finally gets to celebrate Chinese New Year with her husband's side of the family in Changhua, Taiwan.

Groove Asia website reported that the singer, who didn't get to see husband Richard Chang's family on Chinese New Year last year due to her undergoing therapy, left for Changhua immediately after filming CCTV's Spring Festival Gala in Beijing.

The 31-year-old revealed that her father in-law, who is also the Chairman of the Board managing Baguashan Buddha in Changhua, played tour guide to her during the day trip, and joked, "I became a 'real-life standee' for visitors who wanted to take pictures with me!"

The actress also revealed that despite being complimented for looking slimmer than on television by tourists, Selina was flabbergasted when her aunt-in-law joked that she had put on weight again.

Selina and Richard then return to Taipei the same night and visited her parents the next day.

Asked if she had brought any souvenirs from Changhua, Selina joked, "Mum will just be happy to see me home with a filial heart."

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