Seo Woo returns with horror movie, "Knock"

Seo Woo returns with horror movie, "Knock"

3 Jul – It was reported that actress Seo Woo will be making a small screen comeback with MBN's upcoming horror TV movie, "Knock."

According to Koreaboo website, the "If Tomorrow Comes" actress will be playing the role of Jung-hwa, a college student majoring in art who becomes involved in a murder that resulted from another couple's damaged relationship.

Seo Woo enthused, "I decided to take on the role because I was intrigued by Jung-hwa's unusual characteristics. I am also looking forward to returning to the small screen."

The actress recently made a surprising confession she is currently dating actor In Kyu-jin. The confession was made after the media revealed photos of the couple on a date at a cafe in Hannam-dong, Seoul.

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