Seung Gyu pronounced dead at the scene of an accident

Seung Gyu pronounced dead at the scene of an accident

15 Aug – It was reported that actor Seung Gyu was killed in a motorcycle accident.

As reported on JpopAsia website, the 32-year-old actor was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident in Anyang while returning home after watching the Korea vs Japan men's football match. Police stated that the actor hit a guard rail while turning a corner and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Severe head injuries were cited as the cause of death, despite the actor's safety helmet.

Seung Gyu made his drama debut in 2007 through a minor role in "Kids Gang" before moving on to bigger roles through 2007's "Lee San", "Glimmering Youth" and slowly rising to fame through MBC's "God of War".

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