‘Sexy Choo’!? Choo Sung Hoon, To Release the Charismatic Sunglasses Picotrial

21 February 2014

[by Sunghee Park] Recenlty, Choo Sung Hoon has been selected as a model of sunglasses brand ‘Police,’ releasing his sexy and charismatic dignity in 2014 Police S/S Sunglasses Pictorial.

Inside the released pictorial, Choo Sung Hoon bares his upper body, flaunting his sexy and attraction. With his lean muscle and bronze skin, Choo Sung Hoon wore the Police’s sunglasses, presenting the sexy and overflowing unpolished beauty. 

On that day, Choo Sung Hoon wore the sporty boeing mirror sunglasses to heighten the charisma and luxurious feeling. In other pictorial, he wore black framed oversize sunglasses with casual look that he created a neat and trendy atmosphere. 


It is said that Choo Sung Hoon presented the charismatic postures and facial expressions, which greatly contrasted to the images shown in KBS 2TV’s ‘Superman is Back.’ Moreover, by flaunting his masculine body, he captured the eyes of female staff members. (photo by Police)

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