‘SHINHWA Broadcast' SHINHWA to reveal 'Pocheon Song'

Nam Woo-Jeong
5 August 2012
‘SHINHWA Broadcast' SHINHWA to reveal 'Pocheon Song'

SHINHWA will be revealing 'Pocheon Song' on 'SHINHWA Broadcast'.

On 4th, the new episode of JTBC 'SHINHA Broadcat' will show the Part. 2 of 'SHINHWA at Pocheon'.

In the previous part, SHINHWA members sent an exhaustive day, doing fishing, showering a cow, and making dinner.

Then, Kim Dongwan took out his guitar, and started playing Richard Marx's 'Now and Forever'. However, the members started making up weird lyrics, and Kim Dongwan suggested making a song on the spot.

Jeon Jin took the guitar, and started playing a bright rhythm, and Lee Min Woo improvised the lyrics and melody.

It is said that the members successfully made 'Pocheon Song' in such a short time, and the full song will be revealed on 4th at 11:05 PM through JTBC 'SHINHWA Broadcast'.

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