Shirley Kwan missing for 36 hours

Shirley Kwan missing for 36 hours

14 Sep - Families and friends of Shirley Kwan were given a fright when the Hong Kong singer went missing for 36 hours after she posted a suicide note on her Facebook, and was relieved when she contacted her younger sister to inform that she was safe.

According to Jayne Stars, the 46-year-old singer went missing shortly after she posted a bitter message on 10 September about being betrayed by the people around her and ended it that she intends to commit suicide. Alarming her friends like singer Alan Tam and Shirley's manager, a search was called to look for the singer before she did the unthinkable.

Shirley's younger sister had called Shirley's maid to ask about her whereabouts, but the maid only told her that she had went out and left her son at home. Shirley later called her sister during the evening on the following day and said that she was safe.

"Shirley asked her family not to be concerned, as she is safe. Perhaps she was not happy and wished to have several days to quiet down by herself. Her son is temporarily being taken care of by the maid," Shirley's manager Marianne Wong said.

It was reported that Shirley's disappearance could have been frustration from a music deal that fell through with Gold Typhoon Music. Shirley was expecting to sign a distribution deal with the company to distribute a new album, but the company also insisted that she sign a management contract with the company, which resulted in negotiations to break down.

Meanwhile during Shirley's disappearance, singer Alan Tam who had previously collaborated with her when both singers were still under Polygram Music had offered to help her if she showed herself again.

"Just heard about your recent disappointments. [I realize that] your emotional spirits are very low and you do not know your direction in life. This made all the people that care about you to become very worried. There is nothing in this world that cannot be resolved. It is only your own footsteps leading you into an alley. Please re-appear, allowing your friends and people that love you to share and resolve those problems," he wrote in response to her Facebook message.

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