Show Luo dream has been fulfilled

Show Luo dream has been fulfilled

17 Jan – Show Luo has been one happy camper after receiving the offer to play a role in Stephen Chow's new directorial effort, "Journey to the West" back in 2011.

According to Groove Asia website, the pop singer expressed that he was honoured to be able to fulfil his dream of acting in his idol Stephen Chow's movie, and convinced that his character in "Journey to the West" would bring pleasant surprises for the audience.

The multi-talented Taiwanese singer-actor will show off his comic talent in his role as a "weak" Persian Prince in the movie, alongside big names such as Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and Chinese actor Wen Zhang.

The singer also revealed, "Stephen did not allow me to dance in the movie, so that the audiences will get to see a different side of me. Stephen is wise like that".

Earlier, Stephen Chow expressed his admiration for Show Luo and praised his comic talent, describing him as "the atomic bomb of comedy".

"Journey to The West" will be released in cinemas on February 2013.

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