SISTAR Bora\'s photo revealed from the new music video

4 June 2013

[by Joy kim] On 4th of June, K-pop girl group SISTAR\'s member Bora\'s photo of herself doing ring dance moves were revealed. 

SISTAR announced comeback on 11th of June by their show case with their second studio album. The photo was uploaded to SISTAR\'s official agency. In the photo, Bora is wearing mini black dress sitting on a silver ring looking perfectly balanced. 

The photo is known to be from their new music video and the staffs were all impressed about Bora\'s perfect dance moves and balance on the ring. 

Meanwhile, SISTAR will reveal their new songs from second studio album on 11th of June at MelOn Premier show case \'Give it to me\' and start their promotion for the new album and songs. (photo by Starship Entertainment)     

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