Skincare tips for problem skin

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16 April 2012

©Valua Vitaly shutterstock.comThere are many things we have to deal with on a daily basis, but having a day to day battle with your skin is probably something that can not only effect a person’s self esteem, but something most people would rather not have to deal with. Read on to find out Luxola’s skin care tips for problem skin.

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Acne can have a serious effect on a person’s confidence, especially if they are in their teens and going through a multitude of other changes too. However, this is most likely when acne will rear its head and is usually down to genes, hormones, clogs pores due to oil and dead skin, but can also be triggered by stress and products which aggravate the skin.

Making sure you follow a strict skincare routine will help to reduce the effects and washing your face twice a day using a face wash which kills bacteria, such as salicylic acid, or non-comedogenic washes as they won't clog the pores.

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©Nikolay Okhitin shutterstockUneven pigment:

Pigmentation or uneven skin tone can also knock a person’s confidence, especially if it is on the face. There are a few reasons as to why pigmentation occurs, namely hormones, trauma to the skin such as spots which cause inflammation or can be down to the sun's UV rays.

This is most important one to watch out for and it’s essential to protect your delicate skin by wearing sun protection with a high SPF if you are exposed to it for long periods. Experts advise that a moisturiser with an added SPF on a daily basis.

Light therapy administered by a qualified beautician or dermatologist can help to reduce the pigmentation marks.

Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.netBlackheads:

These unsightly skin spoilers are again due to clogged pores from dead skin and oil, and the blackness is due to the oil oxidizing when it comes into contact with oxygen.

To reduce the appearance and prevent blackheads, make sure that you cleanse thoroughly morning and night. It can be tempting to squeeze blackheads to get rid of them, but this can also irritate and cause trauma to delicate facial skin. If you can't resist, make sure hands are clean and use an antiseptic afterwards as this will help to prevent infection.

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iStockLarge pores:

Large pores are common and can make the skin appear ever so slightly ‘pitted’. The main cause for large pores is down to genes, but like a lot of things, it can be due to other factors such as aging and also oily skin, as the more sebum the skin produces, coupled with pores being blocked by dead skin cells, it can make them appear larger.

To minimize their appearance, try gently exfoliating on a weekly basis and using products which aim to control oil as this will help to reduce the production and lessen the appearance of pores. Tones can also help to reduce their appearance as will products containing light reflecting particles.

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stock.xchngDry skin:

Pretty much everyone has suffered from dry skin at some point, and therefore you’ll know that it can give your complexion a dull and sallow appearance. For those whose skin type is dry, it is most likely due to sebum production being slightly less than normal.

To conquer dry skin, try using a hydrating cleanser a couple of times a day as this will avoid stripping the skin of the little oil that it has and can help to lock in moisture and avoid toners which contain alcohol. Moisturising the skin on a daily basis will also help to hydrate the skin as will making sure you drink plenty of water.

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Estelle & Thild, Mario Badescu and LuzernOily skin:

This is obviously the total reverse to dry skin and is caused by an over production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. As oily skin is prone to attracting more dirt, those that have this skin type are more prevalent to pimples and spots.

To reduce the amount of sebum and build up of dirt, cleanse the skin morning and night, followed by a toner and gently exfoliate once a week to thoroughly rid the pores of any build up and to remove dead skin cells.

Some that you can fight oil by applying oil to the face at night, as this will fool the skin that it has produced plenty. If this isn't your cup of tea, use an oil free moisturizer!


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