SMEnt's "I Am" to screen in LA

SMEnt's "I Am" to screen in LA

17 Apr – It has been reported that SM Entertainment documentary film "I AM: SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden" will be showing at the Los Angeles' Asian Pacific Film Festival.

According to Kpopstarz website, the film – directed by Cho Jin-sung, featuring SM artists live performances, interviews and behind the scenes footage has been included in the screening together with 11 other documentaries.

The LA's Asian Pacific Film Festival was established in 1983 to promote Asian and Asian Pacific American cinema. It then grew into an important annual festival.

Among other documentaries include "Seeking Asian Female," directed by Debbie Lum, (about an aging American white man with "yellow fever" who is obsessed with marrying an Asian woman, and the young Chinese bride he finds online) and "Planet of Snail," directed by Yi Seung-jun about a South Korean man who is deaf and blind and his wife, who helps him despite her own disability.

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