Sochi: Kate Hansen Reveals Her Dancing Inspiration

11 February 2014
Kate Hansen -- Getty Images

Luger Kate Hansen is making a splash at the Olympics for more than her athletics.

The Southern California 21-year-old has found herself garnering attention from the media in Sochi for her pre-competition dance moves, which have been captured on camera and already turned into memes.

And Kate explained to NBC what is playing on her headphones when she warms up.

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"Strictly Beyonce," Kate said. "My girl, Bey!

"She just gets me fierce and I get stoked," Kate continued. "And I have to - I just have good mojo going on and it's just how I roll."

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And although the world is watching her dance moves in the snow, Kate doesn't care one little bit.

"Honestly, I'm in my own world," Sochi's own Sasha Fierce told NBC. "I'm completely in my own world and it doesn't matter who's staring. I'm still gonna dance."

-- Jolie Lash

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