Stalker fans install CCTV at Park Yoo-chun's house

Stalker fans install CCTV at Park Yoo-chun's house

14 Jul – As reported on Kpopstarz website, several screen captures surfaced on an online community site, with the caption saying, "The CCTV sasaengs (stalker fans) installed in the parking lot of Park Yoo-chun's home."

The screen caps illustrates how the actor hides behind the walls and carefully observes the area before going in, suspecting the presence of stalking fans.

As there are already multiple reports of JYJ members' privacy being breached, the CCTV captures serve as salt added to the wound.

In March, a voice file was released - showing JYJ cursing at their stalker fans. After receiving much criticism for their attitude, a press conference was held by the group with several other evidence provided, showing the abusive nature of their obsessive followers.

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