Steven Ma to return to TVB?

Steven Ma to return to TVB?

15 Feb – Rumour has it that Steven Ma will be making a comeback to TVB to star in a new drama opposite Tavia Yeung.

Jayne Stars website reported that despite ending his management contract with TVB in March last year to pursue an acting career in mainland China, the actor recently met with TVB executive, Catherine Tsang who offered the actor a role in a TVB drama in order to compete with rising station, HKTV.

It was also rumoured that the 41-year-old actor had been courted by HKTV's Ricky Wong to join them, but Steven decided to maintain his good relationship with TVB instead.

A source stated that Catherine has offered to increase Steven's filming fees from HKD10,000 to HKD 30,000 per episode in the new 30-episode drama, and allowed him to choose a co-star of his liking to which Steven allegedly chose long-time friend, Tavia Yeung.

Meanwhile, Steven has already filmed dramas, "Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder" and "Yuan Yang Pei" since leaving TVB last year.

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