Tae-yeon accused of plastic surgery

Tae-yeon accused of plastic surgery

19 Apr – Another SNSD member is subjected to plastic surgery scrutiny, and this time it's their leader, Tae-yeon.

According to Korea.com, the rumours sparked after the 14 April broadcast of MBC's "Music Core" in which Tae-yeon was one of the hosts. Netizens claimed that the singer's nose bridge seemed to be taller and her jaw line sleeker.

They then uploaded the picture online and compared it to past photos of the singer.

To this, SM Entertainment has made their refutation. On 16 April, a representative of their agency remarked, "We find it absurd that these rumours have surfaced when they are currently very busy with their schedules."

Earlier, other SNSD members such as Yuri, Hyo-yeon and Jessica have also been accused of plastic surgery.

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