Ueto Aya still in a relationship

Ueto Aya still in a relationship

16 Sep - Japanese actress Ueto Aya confirms that she is still in a relationship when rumours of a her relationship with dance group EXILE's Hiro, who had announced that they would be getting married soon, had been put in doubt.

According to Tokyo Hive, reporters were not expecting to get a clear answer from the actress about her upcoming marriage with Hiro or her relationship with him during a press conference for a movie that she will be appearing in, so they asked whether she was still in a relationship.

"Yes, thank you," she replied with a smile.

Since the announcement that Ueto would be marrying Hiro was made in January, suspicion has started to rise after the long wait for the much anticipated wedding. Recently, a report suggested that the couple could have broken up, which resulted in Hiro not announcing the date of his wedding during the last day of the EXILE tour on 1 July.

Some sources have also suggested that their relationship could have been a fabrication for the actress and singer to stave off bad publicity that was being generated from their respective love lives that were haunting them prior to the announcement.

Ueto and Hiro's marriage was seen as all but official when it was announced, as the agency for both sides have been communicating it to their sponsors and associates and Ueto was reported to be attending cooking classes for housewives. The wedding between the high profile celebrities was so highly anticipated that TV stations have been willing to pay billions of Yen to gain exclusive coverage rights.

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