Vanessa Lachey ‘glowing’

3 October 2012
Vanessa Lachey ‘glowing’
Vanessa Lachey

Vanessa Lachey “looked gorgeous” at the Dancing With the Stars taping on Monday.

Vanessa and her husband Nick welcomed son Camden into the family on Wednesday September 12.

Nick’s brother Drew is currently a contestant on the reality dance competition and the family came out to support.

"Vanessa looked gorgeous," an onlooker told Us Weekly magazine.

"She was glowing."

Vanessa was sitting next to her stepbrother’s wife Lea and her step-niece Isabella.

Apparently the girls were getting along famously.

"Vanessa talked to Drew's wife a lot," the insider said.

"[An emcee] asked [Isabella] who she was rooting for and she said, 'Drew Lachey.' He asked why, and she said, 'That's my dad!' The warm-up guy asked what she would have rated him on week one, and she said a 9. He asked what [Drew] would have to do to earn a 10… and she said, 'Work hard!' Vanessa was really cracking up at this and so was Nick."

Vanessa and Nick looked extremely in love.

The pair were all over each other.

"Vanessa and Nick seemed really cozy and were linking arms," the source said. "They had their hands on each others' legs."

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