Veronica not sorry for past films

Veronica not sorry for past films

18 Feb – While many veteran Hong Kong actresses react negatively toward their filming experiences in porn films, Veronica Yip claimed that she had no regrets on giving erotic performances on the big screen, according to NOW News.

Veronica, 47, who had overnight success with tonnes of pornographic productions during the 90s, said she did not have other intentions other than obeying the movie requirement itself while filming those films.

Apart from that, the actress who recently made a comeback to the movie scene in Eric Tsang's Chinese New Year flick "I Love Hong Kong 2013", criticized new female stars nowadays for using their body figure to gain fame.

"It's ok to take off your clothes in front of the camera but the most important thing is you have something to show when you are naked. If not, take my advice, don't ever take off your clothes!" she said.

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