Vic Chou suffers from depression

Vic Chou suffers from depression

10 Feb – Actor Vic Chou recently shared that he had suffered from depression in the months playing a solemn military officer during the second Sino-Japanese War for the drama "Home".

According to Groove Asia website, the actor revealed at the promotional event for the new drama series alongside co-star Janine Chang that he got so engaged in his character while filming the drama in 2011 that he was psychologically disturbed.

The 31-year-old actor stated, "At the time, I kept my distance from everyone and I suffered a drastic weight loss to 64kg due to insomnia and a lack of appetite. I would also isolate myself at home during filming breaks."

He added that he only recovered from his psychological nightmare after the conclusion of filming 15 months later.

"I am perfectly normal now," the actor assured, and stated that he has since resumed his normal activities and gained his weight to 73kg.

However, when asked about his rumoured relationship with model-actress Reen Yu, Vic remained tight-lipped, saying, "I prefer to keep things personal. I have no plans for the future. Let nature take its course."

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