[Video] Lee Sang Min Didn’t Sexually Harass Yoo In Na

Ko Hong Ju
24 May 2012

Former Roo’Ra member Lee Sang Min appealed he wasn’t the one who had sexually harassed Yoo In Na.

On the May 23 broadcast of Mnet’s God of Music, Lee Sang Min tried to clear up the rumors. They had sprouted from a story Yoo In Na told on SBS’ Strong Heart, which said that she had been sexually harassed by a director at her former agency.

As soon as her story aired, many started to speculate on who she had been talking about, and a majority of netizens had pointed their fingers at Lee Sang Min as the culprit.

Lee Sang Min, however, said that he had never even met Yoo In Na. It was the first time he opened up on the matter since the rumors first started to circulate.

When his secretary and manager asked him whether he’s the director that sexually harassed Yoo In Na, Lee Sang Min answered, “No. I’ve never even met her. Even once.”

As Yoo In Na is signed with YG Entertainment, Lee Sang Min tried to contact Yang Hyun Suk himself, saying, “Hyun Suk hyung (big brother) can’t do this to me. I’ll take care of the problem between me and Miss Yoo In Na right now.” What he got in return was silence.

Lee Sang Min continued to emphasize until the end, “That thing between me and Miss Yoo In Na; it’s really not me,” showing how mortified he had felt at the false charges.

Photo credit: Mnet

Reporter : Ko Hong Ju (kohongju@cj.net)
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