Vincent no feud with Donnie

Vincent no feud with Donnie

1 Mar – It seems that the rumours about Harbin-born actor Vincent Zhao being upset with Guangzhou-bred actor-producer Donnie Yen regarding Yen's production "Dut Shu Sun Fun" (Special Identity) script changes are untrue, according to TVB News World.

A statement was issued to the media by Zhao's company to clear up the issue, stating that the "True Legend" star was definitely not upset with Yen or the film's crew, and adding that as an industrial rule, an actor's agreement is necessary for any script changes, as stated in the contract.

Moreover, the actor had remained on the filming set in Shenzhen and had not returned to Beijing as reported by the press.

The story goes that Zhao was so unhappy with Yen for making the changes that when Yen, who also stars in the film, tried to personally contact Zhao, the 40-year-old, best known for playing Wong Fei-hung in "Once Upon a Time in China" had refused to pick up the phone or accept any work order from him.

It was also reported that Zhao had treated seven assistants unfairly as well, but the report was brushed off as there were no evidence that such a number of assistants were with Zhao.

The Chinese media have been told to issue an apology and correction statement regarding Zhao's reputation, which had been tainted by both these allegations. Any refusal or inaction will result in legal action.

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