Virginia Lok supports Raymond Lam

Virginia Lok supports Raymond Lam

11 Feb – Raymond Lam surprised many when he finally caved in and announced his relationship with 19-year-old Karena Ng.

As reported on Jayne Stars website, TVB executive, Virginia Lok, who recently denied the couple's romantic rumours, was one of the closest people to Raymond who was surprised by his confession.

Although it was rumoured that the actor had not consulted her about his dating announcement, the TVB executive was encouraging in her words, saying, "He is a big boy. He should bear responsibility over his own actions. All these years, I have supported him through all his setbacks. This is happy news. As his senior and manager, I will give him unlimited support."

Asked if his recent announcement will endanger his popularity, Ms. Lok dismissed the idea, saying, "I don't believe that the announcement will jeopardise his work. Many TVB artistes have gotten married and started a family but they're still working and the fans are still with them."

However, her statement does not reflect reality, as some of Raymond's fans were much more vocal in protesting the couple's relationship, unable to accept his new and younger girlfriend.

Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend, Rain Li congratulated the actor for his new romance.

The former, who met Raymond through 2003 drama, "Lofty Water, Verdant Bow" stated, "I'm not shocked because Raymond has always been a person to bear responsibility. When we were dating in the past, we both considered admitting the relationship publicly but since we were both newcomers at the time, our companies stopped us from doing so. Times have changed now. Artistes are free to announce their dating and wedding plans. I'm happy for him and wish him the best."

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